5 Tips for Happier Air Travel

child to prepare for the trip

I have been flying across the country for business once or twice a month for the last six months and since I cannot afford to fly on private planes, or even in first class, here are some things I found to make the experience less bad.

1. Sign up for TSA Pre-Check
Once approved, you can go through the TSA Pre-Check line which means you do not have to take off your shoes or lightweight jacket and can leave your laptop and quart sized bag of liquids in your carry-on. Also, you get to go through the old school metal detector instead of the spinny thing where they look at you naked.

2. Stay Warm
Even in the summer I tend to freeze on airplanes. Bring socks, a sweater and a thin warm blanket that will fit in your carry-on to put on while on the plane.

3. Eat
Bring food on board or eat before boarding so you do not get stuck with just the limited on board choices from the cart. Fellow passengers often laugh at me and my bag of food, but are soon jealous when I have a sandwich, chips and a cookie and they are eating a box of stale snacks.

4. Entertainment
Small devices can now be used during the entire flight so bring your iPad or favorite electronic device and don’t forget your power cord!  Most planes now have wifi and in-seat power.

5. Roll Clothes
I know people have probably heard this before, but rolling your clothes really does save a lot of space in a suitcase and can make a huge difference in how much luggage needs to be hauled. I can now pack for two weeks in one suitcase and a carry-on (which is a huge improvement for me!).

With planes getting more and more cramped, flying is rarely fun, but these few things help me get to my destination a little bit happier than I would have otherwise.

What are your tips for better air travel?

If I Was on The Amazing Race

Love traveling all over the world

If I was on The Amazing Race I am pretty confident that I would be on the first team eliminated.  The entire concept of the show stresses me out, but I cannot help to think it would be fun.  I was recently watching the show with a friend and we decided we would play a little differently than most teams…which is why we would not make it far in the competition, but we would play the game our way.

Here is why we would get eliminated early:

1. Roller bags – how do these people travel with just a backpack?  I could not travel for that long with just a quart sized bag of liquids either.

2. Waiting for luggage – given the roller bags, we would need to wait for our checked luggage. Who knows though, we might meet people in baggage claim who could help us.

3. Parallel parking – I learned to drive and grew up in a land of giant parking lots where parallel parking wasn’t even on the driving test so we would need to find parking lots or garages.

4. I cannot drive a stick – those little cars in foreign countries with manual transmissions would stump us.

5. Nasty food – we would fight over who had to eat the nasty food.

6. Anxiety – I would need lots of anxiety medicine to deal with the stress!

7. We would probably quit and go drinking when we got to a cool city.

Although we likely would not win, we would have more fun and appreciate the experience more than the people who rush and act like jerks to the locals and other contestants.

This and That

Happy monkeyI had one of those weeks where I was constantly a day off.  I thought Wednesday was Thursday and on Thursday I thought it was Friday.  At least now it is finally Friday…have a great weekend!

1. Can you guess the top cat names?

2. Hilarious view of a modern midlife crisis

3. Zen frog statue I have had eye on for years

4. Hoping this Lyme disease challenge goes viral

5. I have had this song stuck in my head all week since seeing a contestant sing it on The Voice

Happy Friday!

Festival Fashion

I question whether Coachella really has anything to do with music anymore or if it is now just a place to go to parties and show off festival fashion.  Either way, I admit that I look forward to seeing what people are wearing during the festival (the people who actually go to the festival, the not celebrities who hang out at hotel pools).

Music festivals are the perfect time to pull out your favorite boho chic or hippie look.  Have fun with cutoff shorts, flowy pants, a crochet top, anything with tassels or fringe, a crossbody bag and a hat or sunglasses.

This and That

It's Friday This past week has been a good one.  I saw the Dodgers play the Angels in a spring training game which was hopefully a preview of the Dodgers/Angels World Series I have been waiting for my entire life.  To make the week even better, Chris and I spent a couple of days in Vegas.  We had a great time gambling, enjoying cocktails and seeing Elton John put on an amazing show!  It’s nice to be back in southern California where we can drive to Vegas in four hours.

1. Wish we would have stopped for a picture at Alien Fresh Jerky

2. The world’s largest thermal solar power plant looked like it was calling to aliens

3. A new hotel/casino/entertainment complex called Resorts World is being built on the north end of the strip on the former Stardust site.

4. Seeing the Joshua trees reminded me that someone cut the tree from U2’s Joshua Tree album

5. They key to a fun road trip is the right music playlist Have a great weekend!

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