5 Food Trends that Should Die

Food trends come and go.  Here are five food trends I hope go the way of the pet rock very soon.

hamburger witih egg

1. Kale – Coating it in butter or oil to break down the texture (think kale chips), which most people do, really ruins the point of eating kale.

2. Quinoa – Does anyone really like quinoa?  Most people don’t even know how to pronounce it correctly.  I’ll stick with brown rice, thank you.

3. Egg on top – I like eggs, but not on top of anything.  I don’t even like watching someone else eat something, like a burger, with an egg put on top of it. It’s just wrong.

4. Small plates – I want a reasonable sized plate of food in a restaurant…not 6 or 8 “small plates” that add up to costing fortune.  Plus, how do you know how many plates to order and they tend to come out of the kitchen at random times.

5. Bacon with everything – I like bacon, but since I gave up eating mammals and birds I don’t want bacon thrown in everything because now I sound picky asking restaurants to “hold the bacon”.  Even when I was eating bacon, I still did not want it on my donut or mixed with ice cream.

What did I miss?

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  1. I will take an egg on everything! Including a burger.

    And everything is better with bacon.

  2. With the exception of kale which I have never had, I love all of them. Totally love small plates! We just ate at Amada in AC and it was amazing. Fatty Crab in STJ has some amazing dishes including an Indonesian fried rice with egg on top. I usually order it to go for breakfast the next day. Also, I don’t need a 8-12 oz piece of meat or a large starch so small plates deliver lots of flavor with better serving sizes.
    I’m surprised you don’t like quinoa if you are a pescetarian. It’s a good source of protein. There is a good quinoa and black rice salad in Bon Appetit that we like with avocado and a lemon vinaigrette.
    Mmmm, bacon. Not with weird pairings like you mentioned but pretty awesome with savory foods. I have a pescetarian friend who makes an exception for bacon!

  3. you will hate me, but i love quinoa! i prepare it simple. a pinch of salt and peper, some garlic and thats it.

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