5 Tips for Happier Air Travel

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I have been flying across the country for business once or twice a month for the last six months and since I cannot afford to fly on private planes, or even in first class, here are some things I found to make the experience less bad.

1. Sign up for TSA Pre-Check
Once approved, you can go through the TSA Pre-Check line which means you do not have to take off your shoes or lightweight jacket and can leave your laptop and quart sized bag of liquids in your carry-on. Also, you get to go through the old school metal detector instead of the spinny thing where they look at you naked.

2. Stay Warm
Even in the summer I tend to freeze on airplanes. Bring socks, a sweater and a thin warm blanket that will fit in your carry-on to put on while on the plane.

3. Eat
Bring food on board or eat before boarding so you do not get stuck with just the limited on board choices from the cart. Fellow passengers often laugh at me and my bag of food, but are soon jealous when I have a sandwich, chips and a cookie and they are eating a box of stale snacks.

4. Entertainment
Small devices can now be used during the entire flight so bring your iPad or favorite electronic device and don’t forget your power cord!  Most planes now have wifi and in-seat power.

5. Roll Clothes
I know people have probably heard this before, but rolling your clothes really does save a lot of space in a suitcase and can make a huge difference in how much luggage needs to be hauled. I can now pack for two weeks in one suitcase and a carry-on (which is a huge improvement for me!).

With planes getting more and more cramped, flying is rarely fun, but these few things help me get to my destination a little bit happier than I would have otherwise.

What are your tips for better air travel?

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  1. These are great tips, especially about staying warm. International flights are always chilly so I like to bring a sweater or scarf with me. I also recommend a neck pillow — it’s the only way I can sleep on a plane.


  2. Simple yet useful tip. I always get cold on airplane so warmclothes can be really helpful
    Velysia Zhang recently posted…Photo Diary: Siem ReapMy Profile

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