Best Champagne by Price

Best champagne by price

Champagne is by far my favorite alcoholic beverage and I do not need a special occasion to drink it…other than it being Friday or Saturday night.  I also use my “good” champagne flutes on a regular basis as well because life is short, use the good stuff.

Most people do not drink champagne on a regular basis like I do, but many people do drink champagne for New Year’s Eve.  The champagne aisle can be intimidating and it can be a bit of a crap shoot since you cannot taste it, so here are a few reliable bottles to choose from for your New Year’s Eve celebration.

I should note ahead of time that I like my champagne dry, not sweet.  I believe that people who think they like sweet champagne just have not had a good bottle of dry champagne yet.

Over $100: Dom Perignon
If not for the price, this would be my go to champagne always and I cannot imagine anyone not liking it.  It does hold a special place in my heart though because on my first date with my husband, he went to the restaurant early and had a bottle of Dom put on ice to chill for us to have on our arrival.

$35 to $40: Piper Heidsieck Brut
This champagne tastes a lot more expensive than it actually is and will surely impress.  It is a little toastier and creamier than the others, but should still please most people.

$25 to $30: Schramsberg Blanc de Blancs
Although not technically champagne because it is from California, this sparkling wine is a great choice for people who want a little more fruit flavor…which is different from “sweet”.

Under $20: Chandon Brut Classic
This less expensive bottle is usually what I choose for a second bottle (drink the expensive bottle first!) or to mix for mimosas.  It is still very nice on its own for the price.  Price varies a bit on this one and I have paid anywhere from $13 to $18.

$40 to $45 Pink Champagne: Nicolas Feuillatte Brut Rose
Pink does not mean sweet.  I love the color of pink champagne, especially for holidays, and this is my “go to” when I want pink bubbles.

Why nothing between the $40ish bottles and the over $100 bottle?  I really think the Piper Heidsieck is a great bottle of champagne and I do not see the need to spend more than that unless you want the ultra high end.

I hope you enjoy whichever bottle you choose.  Happy New Year!

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