El Nino to the Rescue?

After living in Virginia for ten years where it seemed to rain and rain for days on end, I never thought I would be so happy to see rain here in southern California.  I usually love mild to warm sunny weather, but even I am hoping for rain to help drought stricken California.

Rain drops on a red umbrella

I get silently angry at neighbors who waste water and have an ongoing battle with the gardener who keeps changing our sprinkler system to water more.  Yes, the lawn is dying and that is just the way it has to be.  When we moved into our current neighborhood two months ago, we learned that we are only allowed to water once per week for ten minutes.  Grass cannot live with that little water.  The idea of green lawns is a thing of the past and people need to get over it.  I admit though that I’m hoping our small lawn will hold on until the El Nino rains arrive…but will it rain?  Experts admit that an El Nino exists, but these same experts do not want to get hopes up that the El Nino will bring rain, and if it does rain, it will likely be too much rain causing flooding and mud slides.

As I write this, songs about rain keep going through my head.  Please do a little rain dance for California…here are some songs to get you moving.

1. Umbrella by Rihanna

2. Purple Rain by Prince

3. Here Comes the Rain Again by The Eurythmics

4. The Thunder Rolls by Garth Brooks

5. I Love a Rainy Night by Eddie Rabbitt

What are your favorite songs about rain?

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  1. “It’s raining men!”

    Hallelujah it’s raining men.

  2. Laura – how did I miss that one????

  3. Great list of songs, love Purple Rain! Have a nice weekend :)

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