Happy Halloween

Candy shaped as Halloween Pumpkin on rustic Wood

Happy Halloween!  I just bought candy for the trick or treaters last night because it’s really not safe in our house.  Chris and I both ate candy until we had belly aches.  Minky ate something weird outside so he joined the belly ache party.  My favorite part of Halloween is the super cute really little kids who come out early with their little pumpkin buckets.  I want to give them all the candy!

1. What’s scarier than a haunted house?  The McKamey Manor…nobody has ever completed it!

2. Need some last minute ideas for treats for your Halloween party?  Try these sugar skull cake pops.

3. Keep your pets safe!  Remember chocolate (and glow sticks and decorations) are quite enticing to your dog, but are no safe.

4. I have always wanted to make a Halloween cocktail with dry ice.

5. Celebrities seem to put more thought into their Halloween costumes than they do for outfits for award shows.

Be safe and have fun!!!

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