Heart Shaped Box of Chocolates

HeartValentine’s Day is synonymous to a big heart shaped box of chocolates to me.  My birthday is just after Valentine’s Day so when I was a kid my mom would buy me a huge box of candy because it would go on sale the day after Valentine’s Day.  The first Valentine’s Day with my husband he brought me a box of Teuscher champagne truffles, which are made with Dom Perignon champagne, and have been my favorite chocolates ever since.  I loved these so much that I sat on my bed and ate the entire box the same day.  He still likes to tease me about this.

Whatever Valentine’s Day means to you, I hope it is a happy day.

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  1. Those truffles sound amazing! My birthday is a week after Valentines Day and me BFF’s bday is Valentines Day so I may just have to order them for us to share at our Academy Awards party. I wouldn’t keep them at home since my sons would attack them like stray dogs!

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