Holiday Cupcake Exchange

Cookies exchanges are so passe so last year I hosted a holiday cupcake exchange.  Each person brought a dozen cupcakes and everyone took home one of each kind.

cupcake table

Since I am such a huge champagne lover, it was no surprise to anyone that I made pink champagne cupcakes.

pink champagne cupcakes

My husband wanted a cupcake as well, even though he does not bake, so I made a cappuccino cupcake that was his idea.  I spent much more time working on perfecting his cupcake than my pink champagne cupcake.

cappuccino cupcakesTo add more fun to the day there was also a competition for “best looking” and “best tasting” cupcakes.  My pink champagne cupcake tied for “best tasting” with a red velvet cupcake that got its red color from a bottle of red wine.  What can I say…we like our wine.

The prize for “best looking” went to these reindeer cupcakes made by my friend who is so well known for not cooking that she was a guest on Oprah for an episode about learning how to cook.  Oh, and Oprah sent celebrity chef Curtis Stone to her house to teach her!

reindeer cupcakes

It was a wonderful afternoon that also included appetizers and cocktails.  I gave out cupcake bath bombs as party favors and jewel cut cocktail shakers to the winners.

This year’s cupcake exchange is in just a few weeks so I cannot wait to see and taste what everyone is bringing this time!

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