Holly Cupcake

Last year’s Holiday Cupcake Exchange was so much fun that I hosted another party this year.  This year however I had no time to perfect a fabulous cupcake!  I once again tried to do a pumpkin cupcake with cream cheese frosting, but like last year’s attempt, it just did not wow me and still reminded me of muffin.  As the day’s counted down to the party, I ended up doing a chocolate cupcake with chocolate coffee frosting since I knew it would taste good.  I couldn’t have it be just a chocolate cupcake though since I wanted it to look festive so I went to Michael’s and bought sprinkles to adorn the cupcake.  After trying three different types of sprinkles, including blue and white snowflakes and red and white candy canes, the holly was the winner.

holly cupcake

Next year I’m going to need to start planning much earlier!

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