If I Was on The Amazing Race

Love traveling all over the world

If I was on The Amazing Race I am pretty confident that I would be on the first team eliminated.  The entire concept of the show stresses me out, but I cannot help to think it would be fun.  I was recently watching the show with a friend and we decided we would play a little differently than most teams…which is why we would not make it far in the competition, but we would play the game our way.

Here is why we would get eliminated early:

1. Roller bags – how do these people travel with just a backpack?  I could not travel for that long with just a quart sized bag of liquids either.

2. Waiting for luggage – given the roller bags, we would need to wait for our checked luggage. Who knows though, we might meet people in baggage claim who could help us.

3. Parallel parking – I learned to drive and grew up in a land of giant parking lots where parallel parking wasn’t even on the driving test so we would need to find parking lots or garages.

4. I cannot drive a stick – those little cars in foreign countries with manual transmissions would stump us.

5. Nasty food – we would fight over who had to eat the nasty food.

6. Anxiety – I would need lots of anxiety medicine to deal with the stress!

7. We would probably quit and go drinking when we got to a cool city.

Although we likely would not win, we would have more fun and appreciate the experience more than the people who rush and act like jerks to the locals and other contestants.

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