Indulging in New Orleans

Say what you want about New Orleans, but there is one thing everyone can agree on…the food is fantastic!  My third trip to The Crescent City was my husband’s first and he was convinced he did not like Cajun or Creole food.  That is until he tried it and he loved it.

new orleans food and drinks

My favorites in NOLA:

1. Beignets from Café du Monde
Any kind of donut like product is one of my favorite things to eat.  I only wish they served mimosas to go with them (they only serve beignets and coffee).  I would recommend against wearing anything black when eating these because the powdered sugar goes everywhere!

2.  Hurricanes from Pat O’Brien’s (affectionately known as Pat O’s)
I call this drink my “happy juice” because they are so smooth and so good and make me sooo happy.  Enjoy these in the courtyard or in the piano bar.  Both spots are lively and entertaining and I guarantee you will have fond memories of this place.

3. Red Beans and Rice
I have tried it all…jambalaya, etouffee, crawfish, gumbo…but red beans and rice continues to be my favorite main course.  The picture above is from our first night in New Orleans when I could not decide between red beans and rice and a po’boy so the waitress recommended I get a half order of each!  Problem solved.

Can’t make it to New Orleans, but still want to try these delicious treats?  Pat O’Brien’s and Cafe du Monde sell their hurricane and beignet mixes online so you can make them at home.  Beads and jazz not included.

Have you been to New Orleans?  If so, what were your favorites?  If not, what do you look forward to on a possible future trip?

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