Neutral with a Pop of Red

Neutral with a pop of red

I love the color red, especially dark red, but find it difficult to wear because I am short so I feel like too much of a bright color can overwhelm my body.  To always have some red though, I love carrying a great red bag.  I have a Coach red patent leather bag that I have been carrying for almost two years.  That is a record for me!  I get so many compliments on it from women, men, friends and strangers.

When I lived in California I pulled out my leather jacket when it got cooler, but it still seemed like overkill for the weather.  I did not learn how functional leather jackets could be though until moving to the east coast.  A leather jacket not only looks cute, but it keeps me warm too, especially on windy days!  Nude pumps are a staple in my wardrobe because they give the illusion of longer legs.  The outfit above is versatile since the top can be swapped out for just about any color…black, white or even bright pink.

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  1. This is a great base outfit!! Adding a pop of color with the handbag is easy and works every time. I currently live in California and I feel like I never really get enough or any time to wear my jackets.


    • When I lived in Orange County I didn’t really need a jacket, but once I moved to the SF Bay Area I was able to wear more jackets since the winters were chilly (but not cold) and wet.

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