Open Water

What is it like to be driven in a boat for two hours 40 miles off the coast of Australia into open water and be told to jump in?  For me, terrifying!  I always freak out a little when I get in the water off a boat to snorkel.  When we snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef (years ago on our honeymoon) the first thing I saw when I got into the water and my finally got my breathing relaxed was a reef shark.  Yikes!  I looked all around and couldn’t see anybody else because we went with a small boat of only about 6 people and they had all already swam off in different directions.  I think the shark was as scared as I was though and swam away to hide from me.

My snorkel man had no problem though.
snokel man
A few years before this trip a couple was left behind by a dive boat and the story inspired the movie Open Water.  Luckily this was still fresh in everyone’s mind and there were multiple counts of people before boats would leave so I am here to tell you about our trip rather than you hearing about it in a movie.
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