pink champagne cupcakes

Pink Champagne Cupcakes

Pink champagne cupcakes are my favorite cupcakes both to make and to eat.  Not a big surprise given my love for champagne.  These champagne cupcakes are so pretty in pale pink, although they can be made in any color, and are perfect for a baby shower, bridal shower or really any reason.

pink champagne cupcakes

I’m a big fan of “doctoring” cake mixes and happily admit to it.  This pink champagne cupcake recipe is from the Betty Crocker Big Book of Cupcakes, which is full of cupcake inspiration.

A few tips:

1. Use a champagne you like to drink!  It doesn’t have to be an expensive bottle, but do not go super cheap and use something like Cook’s.  I use Domaine Chandon Brut, which is also my go-to champagne for mimosas.

2. Instead of using liquid red food coloring (per the recipe), use “no taste red” icing color made by Wilton.  The liquid red food coloring has a bitter taste.

3. Add any decorations on top right after icing the cupcakes because the decorations will not stick once the icing has crusted.

4. If you want to use a different frosting, go ahead and use your favorite recipe and just replace the liquid in the recipe with champagne.


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  1. Looks so YUM!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

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