Restaurant Quality Guacamole

Add avocado to any food and it is called “California style”.  I may have grown up in southern California, but I never really liked avocados or guacamole…until I had the guacamole at a restaurant called Rosa Mexicano in Washington, DC.

I started making guacamole at home using Rosa Mexicano’s guacamole recipe and it is just as good as in the restaurant! I get annoyed when I see recipes that are supposed to be from a restaurant, but then do not turn out anything like the restaurant version.  To make it even more authentic, and how it is prepared in the restaurant, use a molcajete.


Store bought chips do not do this guacamole justice.  Make homemade chips by cutting up corn tortillas into wedges, spray with cooking spray, sprinkle with a little salt and then bake until crispy.

This guacamole pairs perfectly with The Perfect Margarita.

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