South Beach Miami Food Tour

I have fallen in love with walking food tours!  What a great way to see a city.  When a friend and I got off a cruise ship and had one day in Miami, we spent the afternoon with Miami Culinary Tours.  The tour combined a walking tour of South Beach with seven food stops.  We learned about the architecture, history and food of South Beach all in about three hours.

The first stop was 660 At The Angler’s Hotel, described as “Floribbean”, where we were served ceviche.  I was not too into this because years ago I ate bad ceviche at a bar during happy hour (bad idea, I know…) and got sick so I have been scared of it since.  It looked pretty at least.

Stop number two brought us to Bolivar Restaurant for a taste of Columbian food.  What I liked about this tour is that I got pushed a little out of my comfort zone and tried new types of food.  We had an empanada with a thick crust, a tostada like thing with really flavorful meat and a beer cocktail.


Next up was Tudor House for Cuban food.  We had a Cuban pressed sandwich, house made potato chips and house made popcorn.  Yum!  Everyone really liked this place and our tour guide, who was a super cute Australian girl, needed to tell us to hurry along.

cuban sandwich

Ever see those really little cups of coffee?  We tried this at David’s Cafe and learned that you order a cup of coffee and then serve it in the little tiny cups.  I would have never known this!  It is really strong coffee, so a little cup is enough.  I normally am not much of a coffee drinker and when I do, it is laden with milk and sugar so I was skeptical of this coffee, especially after hearing how strong it is…but I loved it!  It had a natural sweetness to it.

 Cuban coffee

What a treat we had at the next stop where we had a molecular gastronomy demonstration.  Liquid nitrogen, cream and strawberries created the best strawberry ice cream I have ever tasted.

liquid nitrogen strawberry ice cream

When our guide said we were going to a bakery for the next stop, my friend and I did a little happy dance.  So we were slightly saddened when we saw it was a savory, not sweet, bakery.  Little did I know that this tiny Argentinian bakery, simply named Charlotte’s Bakery, would end up being my favorite stop.

Charlotte's bakery

This empanada had the most tender flaky crust and was packed with lightly seasoned shredded chicken breast meat.  Simply amazing!  Now I get why the Food Network named it the best place to get empanadas.  I was enjoying it so much that I almost forgot to take a picture.


Our last stop was for gelato at Milani Gelateria.


I had the dulce de leche and my friend had the chocolate.


Overall it was a great day!  Now whenever I visit a new city I check to see if they have a food tour.

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  1. Yum!! Love all these food pics!

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