Springing Forward

Spring is my favorite season.  I love watching the trees and flowers bloom and come back to life after the winter.  I find it amazing that they do this year after year.

The cherry blossoms are particularly beautiful in this area.  I have been to the cherry blossom festival in Washington DC, however there are plenty of trees right by my house that are stunning without needing to fight the festival crowds.

cherry blossoms

Each fall I think about planting bulbs that will bloom in the spring and I finally did it this past fall.  I planted close to 100 bulbs of varying types that bloom at different times to give me “color all season long”.


The bulbs needed the ground to be frozen for 4 to 6 weeks.  Check!  No problem there.  My only other possible obstacle is the deer.  My husband is convinced the deer already dug up the bulbs and ate them.  I don’t believe this though.  Some of the bulbs were labeled “deer resistant” and some were not.  I think the deer are going to be kind to me and I am confident my yard is going to have an explosion of color this spring.

What is your favorite thing about spring?

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  1. I have seen the deer munching on my tulip bulbs like they are at a buffet. I find that daffodils and crocus are a good bet. Our flowers start popping out in mid Feb and are blooming by early March, so I hope you are seeing your bulbs coming up by now.

    • We just got snow dumped on us again yesterday so it may still be a little while for the bulbs. I did plant some daffodils…they are not my favorite in the bulb family, but they are better than nothing.

  2. Good luck! I am in eastern PA which is prime deer/mole/vole territory. I had a beautiful tulip display one year and then they disappeared. There are many narcissus varieties that are not the traditional yellow large cup variety. Thalia is a lovely medium sized white narcissus. There is also a white variety with a red rimmed yellow cup whose name escapes me. Any narcissus pairs well with Scilla or grape hyacinths. All of the above are good inter planted among day lilies so the new growth covers up the decaying bulb foliage that much be left to mature to feed the bulbs

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