24 Hours in Savannah

Savannah was the first stop on our trip we named the “Southern Swing”, which also included Charleston and The Inn at Palmetto Bluff in South Carolina.  We only had 24 hours to spend in Savannah before moving on to our next stop and we made it count.

Savannah Georgia

Our initial impression of Savannah was from the airport which was the cutest airport I have ever seen!  The airport employees had plenty of southern charm and hospitality, which eased the pain of one of our bags not arriving.  How can you be mad at the airline when the airport employees are just so darn nice?

Our drive from the airport to the hotel in the historic district was a challenge due to a parade that closed many of the streets.  We rely on the GPS so much these days that this was a challenge, but we somehow found our way.

Savannah is a walkable city so the rest of our day was spent on foot.  First stop was lunch at The Olde Pink House.  It was easy to know when we had arrived because it was literally a big pink house!  I started my meal with their signature drink, the Pink Lady.

Olde Pink House Pink Lady

The Olde Pink House is a Georgia mansion built in 1771.  Oh, and it’s haunted!  Savannah is known as America’s most haunted city.  We ordered traditional southern cuisine and the food was wonderful.  I may have also had a second Pink Lady too.  One thing I found odd was that tour groups were being led through the restaurant while we were eating so I felt a little like a zoo animal.

After lunch we walked and walked and walked some more.  Savannah has 22 small parks known as squares and we tried to see as many of them as we could.  There were statues and monuments as well as huge oak trees draped with Spanish moss.

In additional to the squares, Savannah also has a number of larger parks.  Forsyth Park is known for its giant fountain.

forsyth park savannah

The moment I remember most from our day in Savannah was hearing a man singing Georgia On My Mind near one of the squares.  We stopped to listen…it was just such a perfect moment.

Welcome to Georgia State Sign

The following morning we walked along the Savannah River on River Street before heading out.

One thing that surprised us a little was the number of homes that seemed to be in disrepair and in need of a little TLC, however we thoroughly enjoyed our short time in Savannah before heading to charming Charleston and The Inn at Palmetto Bluff.

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