Happy Thanksgiving

thanksgiving dinner table

Happy Thanksgiving!  May your turkey be juicy and your day be stress free.  Here are some Thanksgiving dinner tips in case anyone needs some last minute advice.  Have a great day!

Halloween Candy

Halloween candy

Halloween candy changes from generation to generation.  The candy we had as a kid is usually the candy we like for life.  I do not see the appeal of the candy kids eat today, but I am sure my parents felt the same way about me.

When I was a kid, there were fears of razor blades in candy.  I am pretty sure this was an urban legend, but it was real to us.  After trick-or-treating, my dad would examine all of our candy piece by piece feeling it for any foreign objects.  He also charged a “fee” for this…which we paid in candy.  He took a few of his favorites to keep for himself.  I was happy to give my dad all the Tootsie Rolls in my bag since I did not like those anyway.

halloween candy

It was also a time when candy was not the only thing handed out to kids since everybody knew everybody for the most part in the neighborhood I grew up in.  We also got pencils from teachers, toothbrushes from the dentist, a stack of pennies from another neighbor and once a goldfish from a pet store owner.  Yes, a real goldfish in a plastic bag filled with water.  We had to give those back.

Now that I’m on the other side of the trick-or-treat bag, I sometimes think of giving out whole candy bars, but have never done it.  Instead I hand out my favorite candy…things like Kit Kat, Snickers, Smarties and Skittles.  I wonder what the kids think of me.

What is your favorite Halloween candy?

Happy Easter

colorful easter eggs and spring flowersEaster is not a holiday I have celebrated in a long time.  I have fond memories of Easter though from my childhood even though it seemed to a be holiday that my older brothers used to torment me.  Being the only girl in the family, and the youngest, meant I was often tormented for their enjoyment.  They had me convinced that our dog was going to eat the Easter bunny so I insisted the dog be tied up in their room the night before Easter each year.  My brothers did not always torment me though.  My most memorable Easter is the year when one of my brothers created a scavenger hunt type map to find my Easter basket.

We are not doing anything to celebrate Easter this year, but it will be a great day because we are going to Vegas for a couple of days!  Whatever you are doing this weekend, I hope it’s a great one.

Happy Halloween

Candy shaped as Halloween Pumpkin on rustic Wood

Happy Halloween!  I just bought candy for the trick or treaters last night because it’s really not safe in our house.  Chris and I both ate candy until we had belly aches.  Minky ate something weird outside so he joined the belly ache party.  My favorite part of Halloween is the super cute really little kids who come out early with their little pumpkin buckets.  I want to give them all the candy!

1. What’s scarier than a haunted house?  The McKamey Manor…nobody has ever completed it!

2. Need some last minute ideas for treats for your Halloween party?  Try these sugar skull cake pops.

3. Keep your pets safe!  Remember chocolate (and glow sticks and decorations) are quite enticing to your dog, but are no safe.

4. I have always wanted to make a Halloween cocktail with dry ice.

5. Celebrities seem to put more thought into their Halloween costumes than they do for outfits for award shows.

Be safe and have fun!!!

Heart Shaped Box of Chocolates

HeartValentine’s Day is synonymous to a big heart shaped box of chocolates to me.  My birthday is just after Valentine’s Day so when I was a kid my mom would buy me a huge box of candy because it would go on sale the day after Valentine’s Day.  The first Valentine’s Day with my husband he brought me a box of Teuscher champagne truffles, which are made with Dom Perignon champagne, and have been my favorite chocolates ever since.  I loved these so much that I sat on my bed and ate the entire box the same day.  He still likes to tease me about this.

Whatever Valentine’s Day means to you, I hope it is a happy day.

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