The 7 Beaches of Caneel Bay

Staying at Caneel Bay on the island of St. John in the US Virgin Islands is like staying at seven different resorts all in one since there are seven beaches on the resort’s 170 acres, and an eighth beach also within walking distance. Each of the Caneel Bay beaches are wonderful, but each is a little different, providing something for everyone.

1. Turtle Bay Beach

Turtle Bay beach is my favorite of the seven Caneel Bay beaches, especially early in the morning.  None of the beaches get really crowded, but I like getting here early when nobody else is there.

Turtle Bay Beach St. John

There is good snorkeling and swimming.

Turtle Bay Beach St. John

And I like watching the boats go by.

Turtle Bay Beach St. John

2. Scott Beach

Scott beach is my second favorite and I like it in the afternoon when the sun is shining on this side of the resort.  Although I have never had issues with kids at Caneel Bay, Scott beach is one of two adults only beaches at Caneel Bay.  We have never snorkeled at this beach, but apparently there is sea grass that attracts sea turtles.  Most of the Caneel Bay beaches do not have any services (drinks, towels, etc.) however Scott beach has a supply of towels and a small stand where you can get drinks made during certain times.

Scott beach is the longest of the Caneel Bay beaches.  Here is it as seen from the water.

Scott Beach St. John

And as seen from land.

Scott Beach St. John

 Scott Beach St. John

3. Hawksnest Beach

My husband loves Hawksnest beach.  The sun shines on this beach in the early part of the day and by late afternoon is completely shaded.  The water is warm and he likes to end the day here with his chair pulled into the water.  There is good snorkeling at Hawksnest beach and there are nice views of other beaches that are not part of Caneel Bay.

Hawsknest St. John

Hawksnest Caneel Bay

Hawsknest Caneel Bay

4. Honeymoon Beach

Ahh, Honeymoon beach.  This beach is breathtaking it’s so beautiful.  It requires a short hike to get to it so it’s not as convenient, but it’s worth the walk.  Snorkel boats also show up in the afternoon so it’s best to get here in the morning.  This is also the only beach that does not have guest rooms on it.  A stand was opened recently that rents chairs and water sports equipment and you can order food from Caneel Bay.  I like Honeymoon beach less since the stand opened, but it is still beautiful.

Honeymoon Beach Caneel Bay

The view of Honeymoon beach from our room.

Honeymoon Beach Caneel Bay

And the view of our room (in the distance) from Honeymoon beach.

Honeymoon Beach Caneel Bay

5. Paradise Beach

Paradise beach is also adults only and only has a couple of guest rooms near it.  It is the perfect beach for a quiet sunset and it is quite small so usually there are only a few people on it.  The downside here is that there were a lot of sea urchins in the water when we were there so we had to be careful.

Paradise Beach Caneel Bay

6. Caneel Beach

Caneel beach is the main beach where the boats dock and is next to the front desk, water sports desk, restaurant, bar, etc.  It is probably the most “crowded” but still isn’t crowded.  Non Caneel Bay guests can also use this beach.  Families with small children tend to stay here for the convenience of being near everything.

Caneel Bay

7. Little Caneel Beach

Little Caneel beach is a small beach that is really only used by people staying in the rooms on the Little Caneel beach.  Again, this beach is close to all the facilities and great for families with small kids.

Little Caneel

All the Caneel Bay beaches are great, but if I had to pick, I would spend the morning at Turtle Bay beach and the afternoon at Scott beach.  The variety of beaches is one of the reasons we love Caneel Bay so much.

What is your favorite Caneel Bay beach?

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