The Winter Blues

When is this winter going to be over? It’s been long and cold with much more snow and ice than normal. Every week there seems to be something…ice, snow, extreme cold…maybe some of each. I tend to go into a funk in the winter, but something about the calendar turning from February to March gives me a spring in my step thinking winter is almost over.

Instead I woke up to this today.


Winter is supposed to come “in like a lion and out like a lamb”, but this is no lamb.

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  1. Bet it makes you miss coastal California even more, where the weather never moves much below 50 or above 80.

    I love the seasons of Georgia. You might just be too far north. I find that we get just enough cold to make me miss the hot muggy summer. I like having clothes that get moved to the back of my closet for a few months and then rediscovered like new.

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