Vegas Dresses

Retailers should be happy whenever I travel since I seem to think I need new clothes and shoes for each trip.  I love Vegas so much that I have forgotten how many times I have been there. My next trip to Vegas is not planned yet, but I am itching to go so badly that I am already starting to look for new dresses. “Vegas dresses” are a category of their own in my wardrobe since I cannot wear dresses like this really anywhere else.

I usually wear all black in Vegas, or jeans and a black shirt.  I’m trying to expand my wardrobe horizons a bit and wear some color…or at least not all black.

Sequins are a must for at least one outfit in Vegas.  If you think there is no such thing as too many sequins, then this navy all sequin dress is it.

I usually wear more silver than gold, but I do like this black dress with gold sequins.

Since it gets cool in Vegas in the winter, something like this white dress with sleeves may avoid the need for a coat (although I doubt it).  I would definitely need to spray tan though before wearing this to pull off white in the winter.

This white and silver dress would be perfect with silver shoes and a sparkly silver bag.  If it is going to be cold I would probably add a leather biker jacket to it for fun.

All black and short is what I like to wear in Vegas.  Even though I say I want to add some color, I usually end up with mostly black.  This black dress is definitely me.

Or this foil dress could be fun too.

Which do you like the best?

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  1. How fun! I love the navy and white dresses.

    Suppose Anything Goes

  2. That navy dress is amazing! My favorites are the first and last one.

  3. Very cute and sexy! Vegas is much better than going on a bus to Reno!

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