Wine Tasting Virginia Style

Wine tasting in Virginia is not so much about the wine as it is about having a good time with friends and enjoying beautiful views.  The wine is just a reason to get out in the country and get together with family and friends.

virginia wineriesOne of my favorite things to do when my family visits us here in Virginia is to explore the wineries for a day.  Most people only visit one or two wineries each day because they are not very close to each other like in Napa.  My family on the other hand likes to visit as many places as possible in a day with our record being five.  I usually end up leaning on the counter by the end of the day!

The wineries range from small structures to barns to large corporate like facilities.  Some have only a few wines while others have dozens.  Most of the wineries have seating both inside and out and some have music on the weekends.

virginia wineries hume

The fall is particularly beautiful.

Linden Virginia winery in the fall

The Virginia wineries are also a great way to spend a day with friends.  Ten women, a party bus and a few wineries makes for a fun day to remember.


This is Virginia after all so sometimes the wine and the view need to be enjoyed from inside the tasting room.

virginia winer snow

I have visited Virginia wineries probably about a dozen times and it is always a great time. Cheers!


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